Eye Hole Jigs by Crappie Magnet


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place your slab bite in the head of the jig…..lasts a long time !!!

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1/8 oz Round Chartreuse 5pk, 1/8 oz Round Pink 5pk, 1/8 oz Round White 5pk, 1/16 oz Round Chartreuse 5pk, 1/16 oz Round Pink 5pk, 1/16 oz Round White 5pk, 1/8oz Brandon Smith Chartreuse 5pk, 1/8oz Brandon Smith Pink 5pk, 1/8oz Brandon Smith White 5pk, 1/16oz Brandon Smith Chartreuse 5pk, 1/16oz Brandon Smith Pink 5pk, 1/16oz Brandon Smith White 5pk, 1/8oz Pillhead Chartreuse 5pk, 1/8oz Pillhead Pink 5pk, 1/8oz Pillhead White 5pk, 1/16oz Pillhead Chartreuse 5pk, 1/16oz Pillhead Pink 5pk, 1/16oz Pillhead White 5pk


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