Fin Spin Jighead by Crappie Magnet


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The shad dart shape creates a unique movement – the cup on the front forces water to the blade causing it to spin at slower speeds. The willow shape blade creates a smaller flash and less vibration that crappie and panfish like. Pacckage of 3.

  • Chartreuse - 1/16
  • Chartreuse - 1/8
  • Chartreuse - 1/4
  • Orange - 1/16
  • Orange - 1/8
  • Orange - 1/4
  • Pink - 1/16
  • Pink - 1/8
  • Pink - 1/4


• Double Cross barbs: double cross barbs hold any body on better as you cast or troll this lure

• Larger gap hook: the larger gap hooks make this perfect for catching any species of fish

• Bright colors: this bait comes in the brightest colors with the jig eyes open and ready to fish

• Made with Mustad hooks


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