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An Educational Crappie Fishing Show By NKT Productions

This exciting and educational fishing series takes viewers into the world of Crappie fishing in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, South Carolina, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Virginia, Alabama, Tennessee, Louisiana, Texas…and the list continues to grow.

Join host Russ Bailey as he explores the art of Crappie fishing and checking out all of the tricks and techniques necessary to get that perfect Crappie!

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Conservation Day at Kenton Schools BrushPile Fishing Podcast

Russ spends the day at Kenton Schools in Ohio to observe, teach, and talk with the students and staff of the conservation class, which teaches students skills such as hunting, fishing, and more!
  1. Conservation Day at Kenton Schools
  2. Chatting with Dean McCoy
  3. Talking Slip Bobbers with Chris Kleva of Stan's Slip Bobbers
  4. Brad Whitehead: Family, Fishing, and Catching Crappie in the Summertime
  5. Pre-Spawn Strategies with Tony Hughes