1st Annual Veterans Crappie Tournament

Organizations interested in Advertising on the “Never Give Up.  Never Quit.  Veterans Day Crappie Tournament” – BrushPile Fishing Veterans Day Special show or Sponsoring the Tournament can contact mborgerding@nktelco.com.


Top 5 Teams will qualify for the Crappie USA National Classic Tournament in Green River Lake!

Tournament Entry Fee:  $200 per team

Start Time:  7:30 am

End Time:  3:30 pm

Weigh In:  Must be in line by 4:30 pm

Location:  Delaware State Park Marina – 5202 US 23 North, Delaware, OH 43015

Rules and Regulations:  See full details below.

White ($19.99)

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Military Green ($19.99)

As the executive producer of the national crappie fishing show “BrushPile Fishing,” I’ve had a goal to film a veterans show for several years.  I have made the decision to do it for Veterans Day 2020 to raise funds for a worthwhile organization serving veterans.  It is an honor to me that I have a daughter serving in the National Guard, currently deployed to Afghanistan, and two son-in-laws, one in Kuwait and another in special forces.  You can see that this is a personal goal for me, but I believe it is one that many of you will want to support as well.

When I shared this idea with Dan Elko, leader of the Northeast Crappie Club, he suggested the Travis Mills Foundation.  Our goal is to raise $25,000.00 and donate it to the Travis Mills Foundation.  (For more information, see https://travismillsfoundation.org/).  In short, the Travis Mills Foundation supports post 9/11 recalibrated veterans and their families through long-term programs that help these heroic men and women overcome physical obstacles, strengthen their families, and provide well-deserved rest and relaxation.  But there are many other ways they support our injured veterans as well.

It is not until your family is deployed that a parent understands the silent commitment these kids make and share with the American people.  That is the story I want to share as we film our show and broadcast it on Veterans Day, 2020 as The BrushPile Fishing Veterans Day Special.  This will be an opportunity for Travis and your organization to help tell the story of our soldiers. Our host Russ Bailey is also a veteran and he is 100% on board and donating his time and fees to make this happen.  The tournament will be held at the Delaware State Park and Lake. We chose that location as a central location in Ohio with easy access.


Please join us to support our veterans!
Preston Meyer

1st Place – $2000.00

2nd Place – $1000.00

3rd Place – $500.00

4th Place – Gift Pack

5th Place – Gift Pack

Top 5 Teams will also qualify for the Crappie USA National Classic Tournament at Green River Lake, KY!

Friday Night

  • Captain’s Meeting @ Black Wing Shooting Center
    • Fish Fry @ 6:00 pm
    • Registration open from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm
    • Travis Mills to address the anglers at 7:00 pm
    • Food truck Available for Excellent Food


  • Early Morning Registration from 5:30 am to 7:30 am
  • Start Time at 7:30 am
  • Official Quitting time is 3:30 pm
  • Weigh in Line no later than 4:30 pm

Nationwide Hotels is our Headquarters Hotel for the “Never Give Up, Never Quit” Tournament! Call them at (614) 880-4300 and mention the BrushPile Fishing Tournament for deals!

By your participation in this tournament trail, you agree to comply with all the following rules and agree to submit to be involved in a polygraph test or any other test at any given time to qualify for any prizes.  

This is a team tournament, OR will allow a youth angler under 16. MAX poles = 4 for 2-person team with a youth. however, an angler may enter alone.

  1. PRE-REGISTRATION can be done on the Travis Mills Foundation web site:  http://travismillsfoundation.org/crappiefishing.
    Early morning registration is also available @ 5AM and will conclude at 6 AM. Registration will be set up at the Main Launch Ramp.  Launch will be at 5AM at all 3 ramps listed on Delaware Lake as all TEAMS will be able to proceed to their spots. (Meaning no boats will leave before departure time and LiveWell Check.)

  2. PFD’s / Floatation device MUST be worn when boat is on plane.

  3. Private docks & boat lifts. No tying off to any private dock or lift is allowed.  However, you can hold with a hand and brace your foot to protect your boat and others property. At no time can you place your foot on the dock to gain a fishing advantage.  Just respect someone else’s property.

  4. Advisory Committee will inspect the LiveWells for each Boat. Team must arrive early to ensure this is completed and all ribbons are attached to the trolling motor. All Boat Checks will be conducted at the main marina.

  5. Teams must fish from a boat / Kayak. (That means you must remain in your boat while fishing) All waters MUST be accessible by normal boat propulsion to be legal fishing waters. (If you are not sure if your means is considered normal propulsion ask the Advisory Committee before the tournament!!)   Additionally, if either TEAM member chooses to leave the boat for a bathroom break OR remove jig/hook from another boat or dock ETC, BOTH MEMBERS MUST STOP FISHING until said member returns to the boat.   Committee encourages all anglers to always remove and retrieve jigs / hooks that may be stuck on another’s property. 

  6. BrushPile Fishing may cancel the tournament in the event of severe weather. The tournament may be rescheduled or money will be refunded. (It is the fisherman’s responsibility to find out about cancellations and or rescheduling.) 

  7. The lake is off limit from 2 PM the day before the tournament until the Official fishing start time. 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM. No lines may be in the water before official start time. All teams must quit fishing by the official quit time, = 3:30 pm unless start time is changed based on weather conditions OR Daylight Savings. All Teams must be in the weigh-in line no later than 4:30 PM. Weigh-in will take place at the Main Launch Ramp Area.  If you enter the weigh-in line after the deadline, you will be DQ. (Weigh-in line means in line and visible at the scale.) 

  8. Any angler that has a JIG stuck in the throat of a Crappie must report this to the weigh-in directors ASAP before the fish is weighed in.  Once notified at the scale, the weigh-in director will remove the JIG.

  9. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted during this tournament or weigh ins. This will be strictly enforced.

  10. A total of 7 fish may be weighed in and they must be alive at the weigh-in line. If you’re in line and weigh in a dead fish, OR a fish under 9 inches you will be disqualified.

  11. Teams may not weigh-in more than 7 LIVE’ crappie when entering the official weigh-in line. Any team presenting more than allowed creel will be disqualified.  The official weigh-in process begins once your fish are placed in the baskets.  Director will verify if the fish is alive once the fish are placed in the basket.

  12. Crappie must be hooked and landed with a rod or pole by a team member. Crappie must be hooked through the lip or in the mouth.

  13. Any Crappie brought to the scale for weigh-in must have been caught during tournament fishing hours from tournament waters “Delaware Lake” by a team member bringing the fish to the scale.

  14. Weigh-in line is dedicated to that team only weighing in their fish. NO CROWDING PLEASE so the directors can weigh the fish, and enter weights on the weigh in board. 

  15. All fish must be at least 9” long or legal limit, if the lake has a size limit greater than 9”. It’s the team’s responsibility to find out the size limit.  

  16. Both live and artificial bait may be used. 

  17. The use of Aqua View or underwater cameras is prohibited during this tournament. Pre-fishing is OK.  Live Scope technology is approved to be used during the tournament.

  18. All grievances must be brought up to the directors and Advisory Committee 30 minutes before / or during weigh in. This is required verbally before prizes are awarded. 

  19. All local, State, and or ODNR laws and rules will be Followed. If not followed, the TEAM will be disqualified if the Directors are provided proof from State / local / DNR and or other teams. 

  20. For the Big Fish, the winning Crappie will be decided by WEIGHT ONLY. Should a tie occur, the teams will split the pot.  

  21. Pay out for this event: All proceeds will go to the Travis Mills Foundation. We will also provide 3 payouts for the top 3 teams and the BIG Fish. 1st place $2000 – 2nd place $1000 – 3rd place $500.  BIG Fish will be a prize pack. 

  22. All teams fishing this event Must complete the Registration Form. At the bottom of this form, you will see a waiver and liability section that requires signatures from ALL anglers. If not completed, you will not be able to fish the event. This Waiver release form, protects the organizers and its member’s liabilities of persons participating in the event. 

  23. Any violation of good sportsmanship will be reviewed by the directors. Fighting, Harassment, Cheating, Tampering, Caught by another team via photo may result in disqualification from the Tournament. 

  24. Code of Conduct – Anglers participating in this event shall abide by this code of conduct and the published rules for the event. Anglers shall, at all times, conduct themselves in a manner becoming of a professional that will not reflect negatively on BrushPile Fishing, NEOCC or their representatives and Sponsors. It is an obligation of Anglers to refrain from comments to the media that unreasonably attack or disparage the integrity of the tournament directors, sponsors, fellow members, or the BrushPile Fishing / NEOCC tournament. Any angler who violates any portion of the Code of Conduct may be subject to disqualification.


Use the on the map to see a list of the locations for the tournament!