Crappie Magnet 96-Piece Kit


80 Bodies
2 E-Z Crappie Floats
6 Crappie Magnet Jigheads
BONUS 8 Double Cross Jigheads

Only 2 left in stock

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(6 Crappie Magnet jig heads & BONUS! 8 Double Cross jig heads, 80 bodies and 2 floats)

For fisherman wanting to try some of our best colors. We receive report after report how the Crappie Magnet works like magic and outfishes other jigs every time.

Choose from eight of our most deadly colors and pair that with your choice of either our Double Cross or Crappie Magnet 1/32oz or 1/16oz jig heads. Tight line the Crappie Magnet over structure or add and E-Z Crappie Float and the only thing holding you back is getting your line in the water.

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Weight 5.01 lbs


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