As the host of the BrushPile Fishing show, of course I get the opportunity to fish and tape on some of the very best lakes in the country.  Some lakes are known for their great numbers of huge size crappie.  Green River Lake may not produce those monsters regularly, but it does have some quality fish.  The “thing” about Green River Lake is the incredible number of crappie that it has to offer.  And, don’t forget the area’s beauty is second to none.

This fall, I once again had the chance to fish Green for a few days, as we were having our Brushpile media camp.  Let me first explain what our media camps are about.  We normally have one in the spring and one in the fall.  We invite several outdoor writers from across the country to fish with not only our Pro Staff members but Pro Staff members from our sponsors, some of the best anglers in the country!  Many ideas for articles are born from these trips.  Another big part of the camps is that our video crew is there, getting tape for our sponsors that they can use for commercials and promotions for the year.  The BEST part of the camps is the comradery between everyone!  After some long productive days on the water and studio, the evening dinner is always a highlight!  Well, enough about the camp, let’s talk about some fishing!!

Whenever I plan my Green River trip, it always starts with the best accommodations in the area.  To me, there is no doubt that means Holmes Bend Marina and Cabins.  Everything I need is right there, and the cabins will spoil you for sure!! 

Fishing in the fall is great for numbers and you can also catch some quality fish.  As far as the pattern, it is pretty simple fishing.  There are many brush piles all over the lake, and most are LOADED with fish.  I can remember my first trip there with guide David Jones.  Back in those days, ole Davey was a firm believer that minnows were the only way to go.  I think I helped to change his mind on that trip.  Now, he uses a combination of live bait and Crappie Magnet plastics.  I do the same on my time on that body of water.

If you have watched any of the Brushpile shows, I am sure you know I am a dock shooter at heart, but Green River does not have a lot for that style of fishing.  But that is ok because this is the time that spider rigging can’t be beaten!  On this trip, I was fishing by myself, as all of the other guys were paired up for the morning.

As far as the rig, it is about as simple as it gets!!  The water is fairly stained this time of year, so I prefer the 12ft BGJP rods by B’n’M.  Because some of the brush piles are pretty gnarly, I will use an 8lb Slime Line.  I use the hi-vis, but I know David sticks with the clear.  A 1/16oz. Eye Hole jighead, a Crappie Magnet plastic, and you are set.  A split shot above the jig also helps keep the rig verticle. I mentioned earlier that David also likes to have the live bait option available.  So, when in Rome…….!  I also had a few rods set up with minnow rigs.  Without a doubt, the easiest way to accomplish this is with the Capps and Coleman rigs.  They come in different sizes and are so easy to use, especially if you break them off.  On this trip, I started with eight rods in the Driftmaster rod holders, but had to put a few away because the bite was so good!!

Now that you know the setup, just find one of the hundreds of brush piles and enjoy!!  One other thing that is cool about this.  There is a lot of talk about the Livescope.  If you are a tournament angler, you are basically chasing down individual fish.  And trust me, that is WORK! Lol.  I definitely use the Livescope when fishing Green. However, I use it to ensure the fish are there and find out where they are holding.  Are they buried in the brush, are they suspended just above it, or are they located just beside it?  Once I figure these things out, I don’t keep an eye on the screen.  The fish are normally so active, you will have your hands full setting hooks!!

In closing, let me say this.  Green is just like any other body of water with those sometimes finicky crappies.  The fall can create some tough conditions, as the weather may turn bad quickly.  If you have a major cold front come in overnight, the bite can get tough.  Keeping a rod in your hand can make a huge difference in these times.  Actually “feeling” that light bite can be the ticket over “watching” for the bite.

If you are looking for a few days of relaxing fishing, incredible scenery, and southern hospitality at its finest, Holmes Bend at Green River lake is a must-destination.

Oh yeah, one more thing.  How would you and a guest like to attend one of the Brushpile Fishing media camps?  Well, we are going to give someone that chance!!  Stay tuned to our Facebook page for more details soon!

In closing, I want to say a huge THANK YOU to our sponsors who make the show possible! 

B’n’M Pole Company

Crappie Magnet

Cornfield Fishing Gear

Eye Hole Jigs

Mossback Fish Habitat

Slime Line

War Eagle Boats

Power Pole

Hook + Bullet

Offshore Tackle

EZ Drift


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